Juliet, You Idiot | Manga Review

  • Genre: BL: Yaoi, Drama, Romance, Omegaverse 
  • Mangaka: Smeagol Kobayashi
  • Publisher: Poe Backs
  • Published: March 24, 2017

Content warning: Rape

Juliet, You Idiot aka Juliet no Baka is the quintessential BL: wispy boys, a love to last decades, and rape as a plot device―because why not. Now, I’m not saying all BLs are like that but wow did this manga just encapsulate all things I hate in BL. 

Juliet, You Idiot does a disservice to the topics it handles. Not only by rushing through, but by giving us an ending where it feels like the victim confronts himself… by apologizing for being traumatized by rape making his love interest wait for him, so they can get into a relationship―I’m sorry what!?

That was so uncalled for. It’s so cruel to the main character.

While I understand the reasons behind the miscommunication plaguing the main character’s relationships, I feel like this whole story was surface-level because the mangaka never went deep enough into the subject of rape and its effects.

The manga feels a little flat. There’s no subplot. Just one romance plot and the only details given pertain to that, making the world feel somehow empty. It also makes the story feel rushed and keeps anything from having any amount of build-up.

The art style is reminiscent of 90s shōjo… which isn’t exactly my cup of tea but I’ve seen worse.

All in all, this manga is just a bunch of missed opportunities collated together.

At least there was no rape apologia.