9 Anime/Manga Guys to Put in Time Out

The order is not a reflection of who is the worst culprit on this list. This list is composed of characters in anime and manga who should reconsider involving themselves in romantic relationships. Because we talk about love, some say that we all deserve love. But let’s be honest, some give off nuclear levels of scare-off-the-maiden vibes. And with no further ado…

Dot Barret — Mashle: Magic and Muscle

Let’s start with a newish character! This redhead in Mashle: Magic and Muscle has just one personality trait: Hating any guy who dares to be attractive in his presence. Mind you, they all have similar shapes and proportions, so is that body dysmorphia? We’ll never know. 

And in the same breath, he’ll fawn over any girl in his vicinity, as if their proximity to him is a promise of a future relationship. It’s almost like he has never interacted with girls before, nor did he ever consider that these recent interactions might be with people who are not straight, or cis for that matter.

Maru — Heavenly Delusions aka Tengoku Daimakyou

This boy needs some education about boundaries before he gets anywhere. This incessant need to voice his desire for access to someone else’s body—as if he wasn’t heard the first and subsequent times—is so off putting. He has got to learn to let it go; wearing someone down is not the same as getting consent. Maru should be more worried about maintaining the one friendship he has, ‘cause them Japanese streets be real dangerous in this post-apocalyptic world. 

Ichiro — Galaxy Next Door

This man is putting his much younger siblings in a situation of financial precariousness that is unnecessary. On top of that, he’s not paying his assistant the true worth of their labor. Mangaka deserve love too, but how are you going to love someone you don’t even respect enough to compensate fairly? In this economy? Hard pass. Also, the power imbalance is yikes.

Mineta Minoru — My Hero Academia

Need I say more? This little dweeb needs to never return to the screen. He cannot be on screen more than 30 seconds without wanting to commit sexual assault. So, why is he still here? Kill him off already. I know hormones are rampaging but—come on! Act like a human. 

Hideo Suzuki — I Am the Hero

The extremely repulsive Hideo Suzuki is really hard to root for. The never-ending sputum of misogyny that comes from him should be illegal. Some may say that your first thoughts are how you were raised, but his second and subsequent thoughts manage to be just as bad if not worse. We know he is insecure, but that does excuse a 35-year-old man constantly insulting and disparaging every single woman in his sights. 

Kakashi — Naruto, Naruto Shippuden

This might be a controversial take, but this man has got to go in the time out and pronto. I doubt Kakashi would even know what to do in a romantic relationship. Considering the kind of books he reads to be left alone or seem aloof and unapproachable, the man does not want to engage socially. If he wanted, he could have picked anything other than smut/literary erotica, but this is the hell we live in. And don’t even get me started on his unresolved PTSD, bruh. No one is going to be sleeping next to your scary ass, you’re not Wolverine. 

Picolet Chardin — Ranma ½ 

Looking back, it feels really awkward how much Ranma ½ was major yikes. All these love interests would never let up on Ranma or Akane, as if persistence is cute. Breaking news: It’s not! But the one that has made an indelible mark on my impressionable mind was Chardin with his large ass mouth. He would eat whole meals in one inhalation. And do you remember that ‘kiss’? That’s body horror, my guy. He better check himself before someone wrecks him. 

Watamote — Watamote

This child is so cringe, but that’s excusable. We were all cringy at some point. Some of us still are. But her hatred of socially adept people is behavior begging to be put in the time out. As if the happiness of others is a net loss to her. And the fact that all her attempts become failures? Big yikes. I must say, she sends off some of the strongest bad vibes I have seen in anime. And for that crime she’s got to sit in a corner. 

Endeavour — My Hero Academia

He’s a domestic abuser who has not seen any prison time, fine, or punishment. And we’re supposed to think that he’s capable of change because he wants to bond with his mostly grown-up kids? Nah, fam. I’m going to pass on that nonsense. He has done nothing tangible to show that he wants to change and not impose his ideas of a reunited family on those he affected, namely his third son. He managed to break his wife’s psyche for Pete’s sake, and now that he’s texting Shouto we’re supposed to move on? Not me, never me. 

Would you date them? If so, are you okay?  Cause you’re not going to be able to fix them. So, what’s the game plan? Let’s be serious and leave these guys alone.