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Prefered genre? Horror. I like Horror – but that’s with manga. Because there isn’t that much good Horror in anime, I’d rather slice of life anime.

When it comes to entertainment in general, I prefer true-crime podcasts. Right after, it’s anime, manga and then webtoons.

You can find my art here.



Art of all media interests me, I have favourites and likes in all genres of manga and anime but I have a limited time in this life so I mostly read fully developed stories, from one-shots to unending series. I mostly avoid koma, specials, spin-offs, etc.

For efficiency, I buy some volumes of manga that pick my interest but more often than not, I buy self-contained stories that fit in a single (or a few) bulky volume(s), eg: Solanin, Pluto. I find it easier to watch anime though. So long as the animation, sound design, and story are palatable; I will give it a shot. Thus, I have watched and read hundreds of manga and anime in the last two decades and I won’t stop. Also, there are some neat/great manhwa and Korean animations. So yeah, I bear the deadly sin of gluttony.



I have a love-hate relationship with BL but that’s more of a demographic. I like romance – when it’s not being nonsense.

Skyrim is my go-to video game but I’ll probably read fanfics if I can’t game. After that, I’ll watch anime. I don’t think I actually read that much manga 😅

I’m also a non-fiction writer, here are some of my links: