Hanshin or Half-God One-Shot Chilling Horror by Hagio Moto

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Hanshin or Half-God by Hagio Moto

GENRE: Josei, Psychological, Horror

MANGAKA: Hagio Moto

PUBLISHER: Shogakukan

Date: January 1, 1996

This horror manga by one of the pioneers of shonen-ai and shoujo HAGIO MOTO  has both psychological and body horror. The story surrounds conjoined twins and I won’t go any further than that because you need to read this. The art of the mid-nineties lends to the creepiness that just keeps increasing as you read it, due to the fact that you would expect a shojo with it but from the get-go, you’re thrown into a story that is not many would tackle. This one-shot josei, is not for everyone, if you can stand being uneasy the whole time go right along. 

While reading this manga, there are themes that we see in many stories about childhood, but the ones that are most prevalent are sibling rivalry and the feeling of being constantly compared to your sibling. This sensation would be intensified by the fact that they are twin conjoined sisters. Their physical predicament does lend to the way they develop their relationship, normal people think that siblings especially of the same gender would be somewhat close, but there’s an eerie element when it comes to Judy and Jucy. 

This is a great manga to start the spooky month, it’s short and the story succinct. It gives you everything if you wanna be scared and made uncomfortable in your skin. 

Mangapark gives it a 9.7, while Myanimelist gives it a more conservative 7.51.

Try it.

Hanshin or Half-God by Hagion Moto