Hellstar Remina (Jikokusei Remina) – Cosmic Horror for Nightmares

MAGAKA: Junji Ito

GENRE: Seinen Psychological Horror Sci-Fi

One of Junji Ito’s many stories, though this might be less known as Tomei, it has the same level of dread and body horror. There are elements of Lovecraftian horror. This manga is not meant for the squeamish, so no bebes under 18 should partake in this.  

What surprised me about this manga is how science could quickly morph into something that no longer resembles anything scientific. When people are desperate for answers and solutions they sometime to resort to more drastic measures, as beautifully pictured in this manga. 

Since it is only one volume this manga can be easily consumed but once you read it, it stays with you. Certain images become a permanent fixture in your psyche as most of Junji Ito’s work has become to me. Just treat them like creepy visitors.

Myanimelist gives a reasonable 7.2, I say if you enjoy Junji Ito but wanna read something lesser-known you should read this.