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watch this rant, get angry with me
Skyline of an urban city in the top panel. Depressed author in the bottom panel. We aint sorry for you pal. 
Downfall by Asano Inio
Woopity doo, Builidings. Downfall by Asano Inio

GENRE: Seinen: Drama

MANGAKA: Asano Inio

PUBLISHER: Big Comic Superior

PUBLISHED: Mar 10, 2017 to Jul 28, 2017 

Trigger warning: this manga contains graphic imagery of sexual abuse and assault, so with that taken out of the way…

First of all, this Manga is a pity party for an insecure mangaka. When I looked up the author and realised he looked like the main character when he was in college. . . Not gonna lie, I winced. 

The entire 8 chapters showcase how self-absorbed the main character is. From his relationship with his college girlfriend, to his wife and the few escorts he sees on the side, all of his relationships are one sided. In fact, they all heavily – heavily – sway toward his ambitions, his depression and his inferiority complex. He disregards the other person in the relationship. 

Top panel is a busy street with a WcDonald front. Many pedestrians crossing the street. Bottom panel is a manga manuscript.
Downfall by Asano Inio
Oh more buildings? Figures. Downfall by Asano Inio

I guess Asano Inio’s art’s cool

On the other hand, I love the realistic art and highly detailed urban backgrounds of this seinen. That said, I wish the supporting characters had as much detail and forethought poured into them. It is a drama manga, after all. 

The problems with the characters I found while doing this Downfall Review

This fool does a compare and contrast between his college relationship and his current escort girlfriend. With his college girlfriend, it is understandable for him to be oblivious to his blunders. However, when looking back, couldn’t he realize the gravity of his actions? Is this how narcissistic people reminisce? Is this how you fool yourself? 

This is worsened by him wishing women in his life were manic pixie dream girl reminiscent of early 2010’s – very cringe. The manga as a whole is trying to give off a vibe of “pity this man and his bad luck with women”. In reality, he was being a self-centred douche.

Man in state of depression in the tiniest corner of his office.
Downfall by Asano Inio
Actually great perspective, still hate the manga though. Downfall by Asano Inio

All of his relationships left me with a bad taste. From how he demeans his college buddy over having a family and his change in priorities, all the way to how he expects his wife to be his private cheerleader and disregard her own dreams and ambitions.

How do I rate Downfall?

While My Anime List ranks it at a 7.23, I sincerely cannot recommend you read this unless you wanna get angry at a beautiful art. Otherwise, go right ahead, get angry!

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