Anime to Waste Your Time: Sirius the Jeager | Anime Review

  • Genre: Action, Supernatural
  • Studio: P.A. Works
  • Director: Andou, Masahiro
  • Sound Director: Aketagawa, Jin
  • Producer: Sotsu, Warner Bros. Japan, Infinite
  • Licensor: Netflix
  • Aired:  Jul 12, 2018 to Sep 27, 2018 (12 eps)

What is Sirius the Jaeger about?

Sirius the Jaeger feels like the Avatar but terribly executed. You’ve got Yuliy, the last member of his exterminated tribe, who is a werewolf. He travels the world with a ragtag team of vampire killers called the Jaegers under the fictitious company name of V Shipping Company. And okay, maybe the comparison breaks down a little. The Jaegers are looking for an Ark which the vampires are also looking for.

As an aside: I find it hilarious that in a world where vampires are known to governments and are a problem for them, Japan would not have a division in their law enforcement or War Ministry or Self-Defence Army to deal with this.

What’s interesting about Sirius the Jaeger is how little you remember of it after watching it. That’s even with all the info dumps. And the exposition isn’t done just once! Some info dumps just repeat themselves as though we didn’t just binge-watch this on Netflix. And yet, there are so many plot holes and some things go unexplained—like the Ark everyone is running after.

I don’t even think the Jaegers know what the vampires will do once they have the magical artefact. They are just supposing that because vampires are evil—because they kill their prey and humans happen to be their prey—that if they got a powerful item… they would do more evil?

The Animation

The animation in Sirius the Jaeger is actually quite good. It is perfect for something with as much action as this anime. There was good use of space and weapons. That said, for a group whose whole business is killing vampires, you would think that they would use specific strategies in their fights—but not really.

It was pretty annoying how as the story went on, the fights became simpler, the vampires easier to kill.

Characters in Sirius the Jeager

Yuliy is the main character and the best fighter and apparently the only one who can get the job done based on what the anime shows us. It makes you wonder: what was the point of this supporting cast? And how were they completing their missions before?

While Yuliy learns more about himself and where he comes from, that does not bear out in his character development. He remains unable to work well with others. 

The gang of ‘Jaegers’ is just a collection of stereotypes. No one is delved into apart from the main character, so they are flat. They don’t even have any reason, any motivation to explain why they are doing what they do. 

When it comes to the vampires, they are simple creatures that aren’t really delved into, either—which is a pity since learning about a story’s specific take on vampirism can be quite entertaining. 

Spoilery Rapid-Fire Pet Peeves

How does the professor know everything he does? Very suspicious. Also, why didn’t he tell his adoptive son anything about his people??? It’s giving I don’t see colour.

What languages are they speaking? This wasn’t thought through.

Bad guys’ outfits were such a joke! Edgy and tacky.

A military officer gives details of his mission to a foreign civilian. What in the what!?! That felt like entrapment.

Their foreheads, lol.

Halle Berry’s outfit makes no sense. Neither does her chest.

A young woman travelling with men. Before you go #notallmen, consider the times. Consider that she is a woman. And that they have weapons.

Is the brother’s name Mikael or Misha? Why can’t I tell!?!

The historical inaccuracies: the guns, planes, clothes, lack of racism, etc. When is this set!?! And why isn’t that clear!?!?

The vampires have not redeemed themselves by the end of the story and yet, Yuliy wants to cohabit with them. What.

Final Thoughts

Don’t bother with this anime. Yes, the animation is pretty cool, the fights can be quite entertaining, and the music is pretty good. But it is not worth it. 

The plot is barely there. The characters are uninteresting. The setting is a joke at the best of times. And the vampire aspect is not even explored as much as it could have been.

Oh. And the exposition.

Basically, they treated this like a typical action movie and it shows. Big explosions, guns, and sexualizing women for no reason, Michael Bay would be proud—which. Why is Dorothea sexualized so much? And where is she from? Because that feels linked.

If you want to watch something with vampires, you’d be better off watching Hellsing, Shiki, Karin, or even Red Line.